How To Go Koh Lao Ranong Thailand

How To Go Koh Lao Ranong Thailand

Location :

Northwest of the province, Pak Nam Sub District, about 5 km from Ranong Estuary.

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How to go :

By long-tailed boats from Sapanpla Pier at Ranong Town, taking about 20 minutes.
Feature :

A small island of about 60 families mostly fisherman while some also produce the reformed seafood products. They still live like in the past old days at the village of high pillar houses near the sea.

Although Koh Lao has no wonderful beach to swim, it has the illustration of villagers’ lives. Here is the source of the best shrimp paste that can be competed with other provinces. Kung Keui (good quality shrimp) is used as shrimp paste raw material. Whoever visiting Ranong will by the shrimp paste back as a souvenir every time. Koh Lao is also the village of the Morgan who migrated from Myanmar leading their serence life which is hard to find. There is the Home Stay program provided for tourists live together with villagers.
Facilities :

Contact for Home Stay program at Mrs. Naowanij Jaempit, Moo 6, Pak Nam Sub District, Muang District, Ranong, Tel 0 1787 9117 or 0 6269 1318.
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