How to Go Mu Koh Kam Ranong Thailand

How to Go Mu Koh Kam Ranong Thailand

Location :

At Laem Son National Park, Kapge District, Ranong

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How to go :

Contact for long-tailed boats of the villagers a tour service center of Laem Son National Park, Kapoe District, taking about 30 minutes.
Feature :

Mu Koh Kam comprising many islands which are Koh Khang Khoa, Koh Yee Phun, Koh Kam Yai and Koh Kam Nui. Tourist can spend one day touring or stay overnight at Koh Kam Tok.

When leaving the shore of Laem Son at 2.5 km about 30 minutes, Koh Khang Khoa will be the first destination. It is the area of white sandy beach, clear water and having the beautiful coral reefs for skin diving rested at the island head. Spending not much time here, the next destination is at Koh Kam Tok, the center of Mu Koh Kam where the National Park Ranger Unit is situated. Highlight of the island is Khao Kwai Bay, the curved bay of 300 m looking like the large swimming pool, a good area for swimming and see the beautiful sunrise. Pha Atsadong, the cliff to see sunrise and sunset. Nearby is the small water channel between Koh Kam Tok Yai. You can walk to Koh Kam Yai at 200 m during low tide. The coral reefs are found at the east of the island but not outstanding as Koh Kam Tok due to its small area of plain and full of hills and rocks.

Koh Kam Tok of marvelous beaches at the east and west of the island, the location of the National Park Ranger Unit.

Koh Khang Khao, the first island on the route to Koh Kam Tok and Koh Kam Yai.

Koh Kam Yee phun used to be the weapons maintenance area during the World War II.

At the Southwest of the National Park is also a small island called Koh Kam Nui having the same feature as Koh Kam Yai with two beaches, coral reefs and colourful fishes at the north.
Facilities :

Leam Son National Park together with the Bang Ben Villagers provide the island tour programs either one day or staying overnight at Koh Kam ToK. Accommodation is available at Laem Son National Park including the house for 6-16 person and camping facilities. Contact for more information at Laem Son National Park, Tel 0 7782 4224.
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