How To Go Koh Chang Ranong Thailand

How To Go Koh Chang Ranong Thailand

Location :

about 4km from Koh Phayam, located in Mu Koh Phayam National Park.

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How to go :

From Ranong Estuary Pier, Muang District, take the boat (Koh Chang- Koh Phayam) at any bays which will take about 2 hours. (You can contact the resorts for chartered boats at Ranong Estuary. The pier is behind the police station.)
Feature :

The very large and longest island in Ranong Sea. The irregular coast around the island creates many wonderful bays and beaches. The villagers settled down at Koh Chang for years long. They are mostly fisherman and agriculturists like at Koh Phayam

  Several beautiful beaches are rested at Koh Chang but the most outstanding and famous one is Yai Bay, the western bay of Koh Chang. The beach of 4km is a good swimming area where the bridge is stretching towards the sea as the symbol of the island. During sunset, this place is very fantastic. The road behind the bay will lead to other eastern beaches.

  Not far from Yai Bay is Khai Tao Bay located at Khai Tao Bay National Park Ranger Unit and can be accessible by a long-tailed boat. You can swim at the beach (one km) and there is the forest trail to the viewpoint on the hill. No accommodation and shop is found at the bay except the camping area.

  Additionally, some attracting beautiful beaches are located here such as Lek Bay, Chao Lay Bay, Kor Bay and the natural stone bridge formed by huge stone piles stretching to the sea. Besides being a good viewpoint and swimming area, the agricultural tour is also provided like at Koh Phayam or you can contact for rented boat to visit the nearby islands called Koh Pho, the owner of the stone beach and Koh Thalu of a large hole.
Facilities :

Bungalows, long-tailed boats for the island tour as well as well as restaurants.
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